Nylon Honeycomb Kit

The absolute pinnacle of Strobe Dock technology to date.

3D-printed from a bio-based Nylon 12 powder and bonded with a misted resin jet before being dyed black by scalding hot ink, all in the shape of a honeycomb obelisk.

The Nylon Honeycomb Strobe Dock departs from it's cuboid wooden counterparts and sets itself at the front of the pack as a sophisticated minimalist centerpiece.

RGB LEDs, active RPM stabilisation, and a proprietary spring-damper suspension system all culminate in a versatile, hands-off, whisper-quiet electro-kinetic masterpiece that will have your guests demanding to know where you acquired it.

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Novatrope Sculpture
    • Poly Lotus
    • Fractal Spikes
  • Nylon Honeycomb Strobe Dock
  • Scratch-Proof Acrylic Hex Dome
  • 12-Volt Wall Adapter (UL Approved)

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