We've done our best to answer some frequently asked questions here. 

Q) Why are you taking Pre-Orders?

A) In order to keep our prices low, we need to put in a minimum number of orders with our suppliers. Think of it like Massdrop: Once we reach our minimum order quantity, we'll put in our orders, and ship you your sculptures once we've assembled them!


Q) How long do I have to wait for my Pre-Order to ship?

A) It all depends on how fast we reach our minimum order quantity of 1000 Strobe Dock kits. We're still sticking to our Kickstarter timeline, shown below.


Q) What happens if you don't meet your minimum order quantity?

A) Same deal as Kickstarter. We'll refund everyone's order amounts if we don't reach our minimum order quantity by mid to late October.


Q) What is the status of the Kickstarter campaign?
A) We've already had our attorney draft a DMCA counter-claim. Unfortunately, DMCA issues can take a long time to resolve as it's a guilty-until-proven-innocent system, which makes it such an easy system to abuse for disgruntled competitors. We're hoping to have it back up soon, but there's a possibility it may not be back up or 2 to 3 weeks.


Q) What if I already backed you on Kickstarter?

A) We are treating this pre-order system as an extension of the Kickstarter campaign. If the kickstarter does not come back up, we will refund your funds there within 14 days. You are also free to cancel your pledges there and pre-order here at any time. 


Q) How can I trust that you'll fulfill my pre-order?

A) We understand that as a consumer, placing a pre-order outside of a verified system like Kickstarter feels less secure. While Kickstarter campaigns often suffer from fraudulent campaigns and incompetent creators, at least there is some recourse you can take.
We have made extensive efforts at providing full transparency every step of the way. We have in effect staked our personal and professional reputations on making Novatropes a success. We are dedicated full-time to spreading these sculptures all over the world for everyone to enjoy.