How Does it Work?

Each 3D sculpture is mathematically modeled after the phyllotactic spirals found naturally occurring in flowers, leaves, and other organic structures. The Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Spirals are the driving mathematical principals at play.

The sculptures are 3D printed from translucent plastic and rotated on a motor at high speed. The motor has a spring-loaded snapping mechanism that allows Novatropes to be quickly swapped out.

The Novatropes rotate over a ring of high-frequency colored strobe lights. The light diffuses through the plastic and provides illumination from within.

When perfectly tuned, the flashes light up the rotating sculpture at the exact right time to create an illusion in a fashion similar to stop-motion animation. See how the highlighted petal progresses outward in this gif.

A rotary knob on the front allows the user to change strobe frequency and alter the visual effect. At certain "coherence frequencies," the shapes on the sculpture appear to animate downwards (or upwards). LED color and brightness are also selectable via the knob. The result is an interactive, gorgeous, desktop art piece unlike anything else.