In the deserts of North America, the Cholla (choy-yuh) is a cactus that blooms in the Spring with beautiful pink and magenta flowers. But the flowers aren’t the most striking feature of the Cholla. When the Cholla’s lifecycle ends, it leaves behind a woody skeleton that has been a constant source of fascination in my life. It consists of a hollow tube with pockets arranged in phyllotactic spirals. 


I often find fragments of these skeletons while hiking and take them home with me, where I place them haphazardly into nooks and crannies around my home. These fragments act as a reminder to me that there is a certain beauty in death, within which exists a deep reservoir of inspiration.


This sculpture was the final installment of our Trope of the Month Club, and marked the end of an era. Yet it seemed a fitting end to that part of our journey, for in its wake, it leaves both a legacy of vibrance, and a hauntingly beautiful skeleton.

So spin up your Strobe Dock, and let your mind ruminate on the lingering beauty of a life well-lived with your new Cholla Novatrope.


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