Strobe Dock ∞ Kit - White Oak

From the hearts of artists and the minds of inventors, we present to you the Strobe Dock Infinity, our most ambitious creation to date.

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Novatrope Sculptures
    • Poly Lotus
    • Fractal Spikes
  • Strobe Dock ∞
  • Glass and Soldered Copper Dome
  • 12-Volt Wall Adapter (UL Approved)

Note: All Strobe Docks are assembled to order. Please account for 3-5 business days before your shipment leaves our workshop.


Enhanced Features of the ∞

After years of tireless work, refinement, and passionate hyper fixation, we unveil the Strobe Dock Infinity—an homage to timeless artistry and tireless innovation. Building upon the legacy of its predecessor, every aspect of the Infinity is meticulously redesigned to enhance your experience.

A Symphony of Colors: Dive into an ocean of hues with full-spectrum color control, a quantum leap from the previous 7 shades.

Glass & Copper Dome: Exchanging acrylic for a hand-soldered glass and copper dome, every reflection and refraction tells a richer story.

Enhanced Interactivity: Revel in a fluid experience with our redesigned circuit board, fine-tuned for intuitive interaction.

Dedicated "God Mode": Unleash divine visual symphonies with previously impossible arrays of cascading colors and frequencies.

Tactile Practicality: Feel the satisfying “click” of our new LED indicator push button, replacing the old rocker-style power switch.

Precision Control: The new machined aluminum knob isn't just robust—it offers unparalleled control over your visual experience.

Effortless Maintenance: With our quick-swap motor mount, any wear and tear on the motor is but a momentary pause in your Novatrope journey.

Handy Guidance: No more scouring for instructions. A sleek booklet fits right under the Strobe Dock, always within reach.


Notes from the artist

My journey with Novatropes began with a fascination for the delicate dance of nature's patterns - the cascading spirals of sunflowers, the subtle dance between chaos and order in the placement of a pinecone’s seeds, and the inexplicably omnipresent geometric beauty in our organic world. Inspired by the intricate mathematics of the Fibonacci Sequence and the mesmerizing Golden Spirals, I became consumed with the desire for a deeper understanding of this ancient technology developed by 3.5 Billion years of natural evolution. The result of my fixations are an ever-growing collection of 3D sculptures, each a precise rendition of nature's phyllotactic spirals, recreated digitally and rendered physically with machine precision.

Every Strobe Dock, lovingly hand-crafted by my father in his Sedona woodshop, is a tribute to our shared passion for craftsmanship, a convergence of age-old woodworking and cutting-edge technology. It's a partnership of generational talent, and a chance to join in shared purpose with my oldest friend and lifelong mentor.

As you immerse yourself in the countless combinations of pattern and light, the following knowledge will manifest as self-evident truth: that every nuance, every upgrade, every detail is a piece of our souls—crafted, not just for the eyes, but for the heart.

You are hereby invited to dive into the ocean of visual experience that has become my ever-waking daydream. Welcome to the Infinity experience.

-Brandon Keeber

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